Sunbrella – The world’s most durable outdoor fabric

Imagine an outdoor fabric so soft that it belongs indoors, yet so durable you’d swear it was bullet proof. Imagine that same fabric looking exactly the same 10 years after purchase as it did in the show room. And finally, Imaging being able to relax when a glass of red wine get spilt all over your new white couch, knowing that with a quick wipe it’ll come out. Welcome to the magic of Sunbrella.


What Is Sunbrella?

Sunbrella is the worlds most durable and luxurious outdoor fabric. Its unique manufacturing process makes the colour part of the actual thread, rather than something that is simply added later.

This high performance solution dyed acrylic canvas is renowned for its extreme UV resistance and colourfastness. Highly water and mildrew resistant and can be easily cleaned.


How Do We Use Sunbrella?

Here at Get Outside we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality outdoor furniture on the market. This is why our premium range proudly features Sunbrella fabrics.

This means when you purchase one of our Premium sets, you’ll know with certainty that your investment is going to last a very long time.



How Do You Clean Sunbrella?

Rather than explain in writing, the video below shows you exactly how quick and easy it is to clean even the toughest stains and messes fro your Sunbrella fabrics.



For an extreme example of how easy and durable Sunbrella is, watch the video below:


To see Sunbrella in action check out our Sofas and Modulars, and outdoor dining sets.